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The Trademark

The Baglio had a wide spread in Sicily since the sixteenth century. Systematically placed in strategic locations, on the hills and near rivers or the coast, are characterized by a geometry that is arranged around the courtyard, which gives its name to the entire building. The courtyard, sheltered from wind and sunlight, is also the epicenter of all agricultural activities taking place around the building and marks the phases of the day and its related activities. Our Baglio, with its backs protected by frequent westerly winds, overlooks and dominates the natural reserve of Vendicari from a hill, home to several epochal human presence, rich in archeology so much to credit it as the most likely site of the ancient lost city of Respensa. The oasis is home to many species of migratory and resident birds. Among all the flamingos (“fenicotteri” in italian) are without doubt the most charming and elegant. Their magical flight paints in pink the sky throughout the year. The trademark Baglio dei Fenicotteri is born from the stylization of the body of two flamingos looking each other and forming the shape of a heart. Heart and passion is exactly what we want to convey in each of our products.