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Districts of production: C.da Bufalefi/ Vendicari/Zisola
Altimetry: 70-150 m.s.l.
Olive variety: Moresca, Verdese, Tonda Iblea
Planting of olive groves: Regular planting raised as umbrella
Harvest: Second week of October
Method of extraction of extra virgin olive oil: Cold Milling continuous cycle with controlled temperature
Tasting category of extra virgin olive oil: Fruity
Serving suggestions: It is enhanced when combined with warm bread, vegetables and grilled fish, grilled meat dishes, salads, soups and vegetables

The extravirgin oil

The extravirgin olive oil ‘Madre Terra’ is obtained by olive harvest transported in ventilated small boxes. The grinding, in the oil mill firm, is carried out frequently and in very short times every day, this gives the possibility to obtain unique scents, flavours and tastes. Olive oil is extracted through a system of continuous cycle and cold squeezing. To the sight it is of a golden yellow with light greenish reflexes and lightly veiled. To the smelling it opens intense and persistent rich in fruit notes of artichoke and almond. To the taste it is wide and elegant characterized by soft grassy tones, bitter and spicy and harmonic in the end.