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THE NERO DI PACHINO  For milleniums the wine Nero di Pachino, rich in polyphenols, anthocyanins and resveratrol, now more commonly known and established all over the world as Nero d’Avola, was used first as fine wine then, since the eighteenth century, as wine (wine board) to correct the great wines produced in France and in the North of Italy. It earned the nickname “vin medicine” in France and and the sicilian typical aphorism “Bread dipped in wine”.  This trade took place mostly by sea and then along the railway Noto-Pachino; in historical maps, is evidenced the wine port of Vendicari, located right in the heart of area of the Nero di Pachino’s wine production.   Traditionally the Nero di Pachino was known as Cala’mpisi, that in local dialect refers to something heavy and structured which subsequently evolved into Calaulisi or Calabrisi to the current common name of Nero d’Avola.   THE MOSCATO DI NOTO  The Moscato di Noto, also known as Moscatella, is an absolutely local variety of wine, as rare as precious. Its difficult to be cultivated and the low amount of its precious grapes have contributed to its limited distribution in the Val di Noto. Our Company has always strongly believed in the absolutely unique potential of this cultivar, even when in 1999 the overall volume of production reached only 200 hectoliters, becoming one of the largest producers absolute.   The organoleptic characteristics of the Moscatella together with the soil and the climate of our territory make every sip of this wine an experience and an unforgettable emotion.